Ektai Tumi Lyrics (একটাই তুমি) Mahtim Shakib

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Ektai Tumi (Full Song) | Mahtim Shakib | Jovan | Totini | Nazir Mahmud |Natok Song |Bangla Song 2024

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Ektai Tumi lyrics in Bengali

তুমি একটা গল্প বলো
শান্ত হয়ে শুনি,
তুমি একটা আকাশ আঁকো
আমি তারা গুনি,
তুমি একটা পথ খোঁজ
চলি একসাথে,
তুমি একটা স্বপ্ন দেখো
আমি আছি তাতে

আমার একটাই তুমি
আমার একটাই তুমি
ভালোবাসার এক পৃথিবী
তোমায় দেবো আমি

একটা শুধু ভাবনাতে
বিভোর হয়ে রই,
আপন থেকে আরও আপন
কেমন করে হই

আমার একটাই তুমি
আমার একটাই তুমি
ভালোবাসার এক পৃথিবী
তোমায় দেবো আমি

একটু শুধু আড়াল হলে
খুঁজি আপন মনে,
জীবন বলো, মরণ বলো
চাইগো সর্বক্ষনে

আমার একটাই তুমি
আমার একটাই তুমি
ভালোবাসার এক পৃথিবী
তোমায় দেব আমি

The End

Ektai Tumi lyrics in english

Tumi Ekta Golpo Bolo
Shanto Hoye Shuni
Tumi Ekta Akash Anko
Ami Tara Guni
Tumi Ekta Poth Khojo Choli Eksathe
Tumi Ekta Shopno Dekho Ami Achi Taate

Amar Ektai Tumi
Bhalobashar Ek Prithibi Tomay Debo Ami

Ekta Shudhu Vabnate Bibhor Hoye Roi
Apon Theke Aaro Apon Kemon Kore Hoi

Ektu Shudhu Aral Hole Khuji Apon Mone
Jibon Bolo Moron Bolo Chaigo Sorbokhone

Amar Ektai Tumi
Valobashar Ek Prithibi Tomay Debo Ami

Ektai Tumi” Bengali Natok Fact: 

The Bengali song “Ektai Tumi” is melodiously sung by Mahtim Shakib for the Bengali Natok titled “Ektai Tumi.” The drama features actors JovanTanjim Saiara Totini, and others. The music composition is by Nazir Mahamud, and the heartfelt lyrics are penned by Lalon Lohani. Directed by Muhammad Mifta Anaan, the Bengali drama “Ektai Tumi” is produced under the banner of Central Music and Video. 🎶🎭🎵

  1. Overview:
  • Title:Ektai Tumi
  • Singer:Mahtim Shakib
  • Lyricist:Lalon Lohani
  • Music:Nazir Mahamud and Team
  • Drama:Ektai Tumi
  • Director:Muhammad Mifta Anaan
  • Producer:SK Shahed Ali (Under the Banner of Central Music and Video)
  1. The Story Behind “Ektai Tumi”:
  • Plot:The drama revolves around love, emotions, and the complexities of human connections.
  • Cast:The talented actors Jovan and Tanjim Saiara Totini bring the characters to life.
  1. Musical Magic:
  • Mahtim Shakib’s Voice:Mahtim’s soul-stirring rendition adds depth to the lyrics.
  • Lalon Lohani’s Lyrics:The poetic verses evoke feelings of love, longing, and devotion.
  • Nazir Mahamud’s Composition:The music complements the emotional journey portrayed in the drama.
  1. Visual Brilliance:
  • Direction by Muhammad Mifta Anaan:The director skillfully captures the essence of the story through visuals.
  • Cinematography by Bikash Saha and Sumon Hossain:The camera work enhances the emotional impact.
  • Editing by Agun Suvo:Seamlessly weaving scenes together for a cohesive narrative.
  1. Impact:
  • Released on YouTube by CMV Musicon February 17, 2024, “Ektai Tumi” has resonated with audiences.

Blog Post: “Ektai Tumi: A Symphony of Emotions”


“Ektai Tumi,” a Bengali Natok, has struck a chord with music enthusiasts. Let’s explore the elements that make this creation special.

  1. The Melodic Journey:

The song “Ektai Tumi,” sung by Mahtim Shakib, weaves a tale of love, longing, and devotion. Lalon Lohani’s heartfelt lyrics evoke powerful emotions, while Nazir Mahamud’s music adds depth to the composition.

  1. Stellar Cast:

Jovan and Tanjim Saiara Totini bring the characters to life, portraying the complexities of human connections. Their chemistry on screen enhances the drama’s impact.

  1. Behind the Scenes:
  • Director Muhammad Mifta Anaan:His vision translates the story into captivating visuals.
  • Cinematographers Bikash Saha and Sumon Hossain:Their lens captures every nuance of emotion.
  • Editor Agun Suvo:Seamlessly stitches scenes together, creating a cohesive narrative.
  1. Release and Reception:

On February 17, 2024, “Ektai Tumi” premiered on YouTube via CMV Music. Audiences have embraced its melodic magic.

How can I download This Song ?

You can download This Song from Youtube, JioSaavn, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify, Wynk, Hungama Music and Other Music App.

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Related Question Answer Of this Song

  1. Who is the singer of “Ektai Tumi”?
    • Mahtim Shakib.
  2. Who wrote the lyrics for “Ektai Tumi”?
    • Lalon Lohani.
  3. When was “Ektai Tumi” released?
    • On February 17, 2024.
  4. What is the central theme of the drama “Ektai Tumi”?
    • Love, emotions, and human connections.
  5. Name the actors in the drama “Ektai Tumi.”
    • Jovan and Tanjim Saiara Totini.

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